Relax America: Willow, the White House Cat, has arrived

White House Cat
White domestic cat

White House cat, Jill Biden, Joe Biden

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Washington - The cat died.

More than a year after first lady Jill Biden caught the eye of Pennsylvania's intrepid farm cats when she was in her husband's house, Willow, a gray cat named White House, has joined the first family, with suspicions raised Friday before the White House inaugurated the nation. Trunk.

"Willow made a big impression on Biden when she took the stage in 2020 and interrupted him during a campaign break," said First Lady Press Secretary Michael LaRosa. “After seeing the live link, the owner of the farm, Willow Dr. Biden, owned the property.

Willow is named for the First Lady's birthplace of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.

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The arrival of the cat was eagerly awaited from Dr. Biden said in a November 2020 interview that he would like to have a cat in the White House, and then said that the animal is "bidding its time." For cat lovers around the world, this impending cat ban can be one hell of a ride.

For more than a year, White House Press Secretary Jane Psacki has been inundated with questions from reporters and other stakeholders about cat management policy. He seems to recognize the dangers of opening the discussion to the public.

"I'm also thinking about chat because chat is going to take over the internet," he said during a Q&A session with Twitter users last January.

Short-haired, green-eyed Willow moved into the White House on Wednesday, a month after Biden added a German shepherd puppy. Dr. Biden said in an interview with The New York Times this fall that the cat lives with a foster parent.

"Cats are always cared for by their loved ones," said Dr. "I don't even know if I'm going to get the cat back now," biden said.

Another complication for Biden at the time was the feud between the cat and another German group in his family, who had been sent to the East Wing for training after a series of violent clashes. Mr. LaRosa described it at the time as "more training to help him adjust to life in the White House." But last month, Major was sent to a quiet area with family friends, LaRosa said.

A series of photos released by the White House show Willow adjusting to her new surroundings as she lays down on the Washington Monument stretcher.

"Willow can relax at the White House with her favorite toys, her favorite magicians and plenty of space to smell and explore," Mr. LaRosa said.

India was the last White House cat, a black cat owned by President George W. Bush and his wife Laura. Then there was Sox, the black and white cat who lived in the Clinton White House. A media darling, Socks was a character in the unreleased Super Nintendo game Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill and was even photographed in the White House briefing room.

Presidential cats date back to at least the Lincoln era, when Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of State, William H. Seward, was given two cats named Tab and Dix. Historians say Lincoln once said that Dixie was the smartest of his entire cabinet.

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