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ABC's The View took a critical turn on Monday when presenter Whoopi Goldberg repeatedly insisted the Holocaust had nothing to do with race, sparking heated debate among the show's cast.

On a talk show titled Hot Topics, which examined the recent controversy over "Maus," the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel about the Holocaust, hosts generally agreed that the Tennessee School Board's ban on the writer for vulgarity and nudity was "ridiculous". . . Content is important.

Whoopi Goldberg

"I'm surprised you were uncomfortable because there was nudity. I mean, it's the Holocaust, it killed 6 million people, but didn't you mind? " Goldberg was surprised.

Liberal host Joy Behar replied, "I'm not sure they're using nudity as some kind of bullshit to keep the story from making white people bad."

Because Whoopi Goldberg has no eyebrows

The Oscar-winning actress replied, "Maybe." "Well, white people do with white people, you will fight among yourselves."

Although these comments did not initially offend his hosts, after a few moments of discussion, Goldberg revised his assumption that there was nothing racist about the Holocaust, which the Nazis believed was the "master race." aforementioned Aryan culture and the pursuit of ethnic "purity".

After several hosts agreed that recent attempts by conservatives to ban so-called “critical race theory” in schools were creating “confusion” and leaving children unprepared for the “real world,” Goldberg said. replied, "If you're going to, let's be honest because the holocaust is not about race. No, it's not a race!"

Although Behar was quick to point out that the Nazis viewed the Jewish people as "another race", Goldberg continued to assert that Adolf Hitler's "Final Solution" was not racist.

"What are you talking about?" She asked Behar several times.

“It has to do with man-to-man brutality,” Goldberg replied.

"But it's about white supremacy," co-host Anna Navarro replied. "It's about driving out Jews and gypsies."

Meanwhile, Goldberg said "both of these groups are white", leading host Sarah Haynes to point out that they "didn't see them as white", while Behar pointed out that the Nazis were also targeting the Black.

"But you miss the point! You miss the point!" Goldberg said. "The moment it becomes a race, walk down that alley. Let's really talk about it." "

He continued, “It doesn't matter if you're black or white, because blacks, whites, Jews and Italians, they all eat each other. So if you're sick of news about a rat, you should be worried. — your child should say, "Hey! Oh my god, I wonder if that's me?" “No, they're not going to say that. They will say, “I don't want to be like that. ""

By the end of the segment, the show seemed to agree that most kids "don't want to be strict" and that learning about the Holocaust is important.

To learn more about human-to-human cruelty, what it looks like, Goldberg said as the show went on commercial break.

The Anti-Defamation League called Goldberg's comments Monday afternoon a "serious" distortion of history that underestimated its impact on the Jewish people.

"Not WhoopiGoldberg, the #Holocaust was the systematic extermination of Jews by Nazis who considered them an inferior race," ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted. They stripped them of their humanity and used this racist propaganda to justify the murder of 6 million Jews. Distorting the Holocaust is serious business."

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