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Update NBA features. guidance and schedule

The NBA has eased stay-at-home restrictions in the United States to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and made changes to the rules governing player return to training, allowing some club-owned facilities to reopen by May 8. .

The league became the first North American major league to be suspended due to the coronavirus infection, as was the case on March 11 following Utah jazz player Rudy Gobert's test results.

"The purpose of these changes is to allow players to train in a safe and controlled environment in countries," the NBA said in a statement. and identify safe training opportunities for players from other countries.

The changes give teams the freedom to train their players or treat injuries.

As for teams in major countries or cities where authorities are still imposing strict restrictions, NBA officials said they could work with authorities to find drummers.

Under these guidelines, no more than four players can be allowed at a time and coaches cannot share.

Collective efforts remain forbidden.

Players are prohibited from using non-team facilities such as health clubs, fitness centers and gymnasiums.

The NBA suspended the Utah jazz player after contracting the corona infection.


The Oklahoma City Thunder and Utah Jazz had suspended their game after tests showed a player was injured, the league said in a statement.

The league added that "the NBA will suspend games according to today's schedule," and announced that it will use the suspension to "determine the course of action regarding the coronavirus pandemic."

Press releases mention that Frenchman Rudy Juber is infected with the coronavirus.

This was announced in the press release posted on the Jazz License website. “The Utah Jazz player has tested negative for the flu, pharyngitis and respiratory infections. It decreases throughout the day, but as the Palladium, through discussion and collaboration with NBA doctors and Oklahoma health officials, we have decided to test for Covid-19.”

Juber was not on the team chosen by the Jazz to play the game. On Monday, the Frenchman shared his last game with the Toronto Raptors.

The Jazz has played the Cleveland Gentlemen, Knicks, Boston Celtics, Detroit Pistons and Raptors in the last 10 days.

ESPN reports, citing sources, that the league has asked these employees to block players.

Dallas Loners owner Mark Cuban called the whole thing "crazy."

"It can't be real. It's not in the realm of possibility. It's like making a movie about it," he said.

The qualifiers started on April 18th and the finals on June 4th.

Following the league's announcement, the Hockey League said it was consulting with doctors and would provide more details Thursday.

Lakers star LeBron James wrote on his Twitter page:

Actually, 2020 should be cancelled. It's been a wonderful three months. God have mercy and protect us."


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