Suspect arrested amid active Virginia College shooting report


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Suspect arrested amid active Virginia College shooting report
University of Virginia

Shooting at Northern Virginia Community College 

Waterbridge, Virginia. (WHSV/Grey News) -- College officials said Tuesday afternoon that police have arrested a suspect in connection with reports of a shooting on the Bridgewater College campus .

The situation is ongoing and the potential for infection associated with this situation is unknown.

Everyone on campus was ordered to sit down. WHSV reports that Virginia State Police have arrived at the scene. Harrisonburg police also helped.

After the suspect was arrested, the campus tweeted: "For added security, law enforcement officers will be patrolling the buildings."

The campus has instructed students not to interfere in walking around the building and to listen to officers' instructions.

The City of Bridgewater has issued a warning about the situation. Bridgewater Community Center is currently closed and the city is asking people to avoid visiting the campus and the surrounding area until further notice.

Virginia Governor Glenn Junkin tweeted that he was monitoring the situation.

"I am aware of the situation at Bridgewater College," Youngkin wrote on Twitter. “The shooter, state police and local police have been arrested at the scene. I will continue to monitor the situation along with law enforcement authorities.”


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