Digital currencies continue to collapse after a short-lived recovery!


A critical 1,500,000,000 valued currencies fell without help. despite the giants' movement

The currency that swept the crypto world overnight fell on hype that it was the killer of Elon Musk's Doge coin, and recently failed after zero dilution to its value, despite catalysts and Goliath's moves in the Shiba Inu.

The Shiba Inu currency did not escape the sharp bearish wave that swept through all major cryptocurrencies within an hour, while the dire data released by the US forced traders to seek shelter and thus move to high-risk instruments such as stocks and digital currencies.

According to Whale Stat, Shiba Inu Jumbo is the most active 24 hours a day, and statistics for the top 100 Shiba Inu owner points show a 44.44 increase in active addresses, followed by crypto jumbo interacting with Shiba Inu with billions of memories. .

The number of Shiba mergers among the giants is increasing, and Whale Stats shows that the beloved anniversary contract was one of the most popular smart contracts among the top Ethereum giants in 24 hours. The biggest ETH giants are now capitalizing on dollar chips, according to data from Walstat.

Additional disclaimer

The word analysis platform reports that the Shiba Inu celebration attracted more dealers in June, with the total number of Shiba symbol owners now standing at 1.177 million investors.

According to available information, the celebration of the Shiba Inu coincided with the recent drop in demand for the cryptocurrency following the release of dire information.

*-Goliath's efforts

The data analysis platform and statistics showed that the number of Shiba Inu Active Goliath addresses increased by 44 with the increase in the use of the favorite Shiba Inu meme.

positive news

bitcoin price

According to SHIBQueenie, a sanctioned SHIB Discord admin and member of the Growth group, relatively good NFTs have been generated so far.

Pushing the Welly NFT end, Shiba Inu Chief Inventor Chitoshi Kusama says that NFTs are created as organic tools that act as smart contracts for Welly specific locations.

similarly, rewarding dog members or Welly NFT owners daily and providing feedback on annual sacrifices or requests via the SHIB BONE (DOGGY) DAO.

The Decentralized Settlement Group, or Canine, operates as a private entity in Welly outlets operating through a group of voluntary Canine class dealers under the Welly NFT contract while the Canine structure is under development. .

Gold Compliance Fee

gold price

What does all this mean for the economy and therefore the demand for gold? Well, politicians usually don't admit their mistakes. The fact that the World Bank predicts stagflation is another indication of the worsening income situation.

You see, in the 1970s, to deal with high leverage, the Fed had to raise interest rates so dramatically that it caused a global recession. as shown in the map below, the nominal yield on 10x Treasuries just exceeded 3, which may have been quite high recently, but not in the conditions of the 1970s and 1980s. It was more advanced than during the Great Recession, so the Fed's stress cycle will now be more dangerous.

Bitcoin will beat gold. !

Hostilities play a limited role in securing bank-backed cryptocurrencies, but some have ambitions to position themselves as gold.

According to the Financial Times website, investors in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are facing an unusual twist. But Janet Yellen's arrival at the US Treasury likely marks an era of waning hostility from regulators and central banks to "liberal" forms of digital plutocracy.

In her last press conference in 2017, where she was chairman and CEO of the Federal Reserve, Yellen suggested that bitcoin could be "largely an academic asset" rather than a "stable store of value." However, despite ??????????????????????????? , When these pessimistic views were confirmed by the asking price of Bitcoin, digital currencies did not go away. In 2017–2018, comedian John Oliver jokingly described Bitcoin as "everything a plutocrat doesn't understand mixed with everything you don't understand about computers". "

The technological aspects, especially the blockchain network of digital vouchers used to record transactions, are starting to improve, although they may not live up to the initial hype. The $20 billion "initial coin burn" contains the basics of a student bubble, but the money raised is used to launch systems that are astronomically similar to other Silicon Valley computing projects.

The hostility towards digital currencies as a means of payment and conversion will continue. it is often flawed due to the high cost of transactions, as the use of "Bitcoin" to make payments is not widely accepted, and its unborn part seems limited. In the past, Treasury Secretary Steven M√ľnchen has been working on new laws that could increase the transparency of bitcoin transactions and reduce the fringes of money laundering by plutocrats. But Yellen, and therefore the Fed, is likely to take a harder line, viewing payment systems as ideal public goods.

The Federal Reserve is working with outside parties to explore the development of central bank digital currencies. For fiscal institutions, digital currencies will almost certainly be issued within China's base budgets, but they will be distributed in real currencies, not cryptocurrencies. Private competitors to the original new currencies, which may be called "Bitcoin", will be subject to strict regulations or suffer greatly. Stable cross-currency cryptocurrencies like Facebook's Libra, pegged to a currency or other real medium, would be better accepted by central banks if they were directly convertible to currency. Therefore, it will not support "blockchain". Any tax office can develop its own clock technology.

It takes its place as an investment tool and a useful repository for cryptocurrencies. But can Bitcoin compete with gold as a safe haven for big investors? History, laws, and a number of requirements make liability questionable, but that doesn't mean cryptocurrencies are starting to gain momentum. It makes no sense from the perspective of financial programming and financial stability, which is why regulators are concerned that digital currencies are competing with gold as a store of value.

The world of cryptocurrencies is currently a frenzy of anticipation and short-termism, but investors' continued belief in dubious stories that these private currencies are "safer" than the dominant central bank currencies is likely the reason for their rise. More and more currencies in terms of price demand in the next few times.


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