After two years of silent Lunar New Year celebrations in Aurora and beyond, 2022 marks an era of power


Lunar New Year

- New Year - Chinese New Year

The beginning of the new year was celebrated on February 1st. All over the world people say goodbye to the year of the Ox and meet the year of the Tiger.

when is the lunar new year?

Lunar New Year is often referred to as "Chinese New Year" because it is celebrated on the second new moon after the winter solstice and is celebrated in China and many other Asian countries, as well as in Asian expatriate communities around the world.

Lunar New Year

“This is a great time to gather with family and loved ones to celebrate the past year and welcome the new year,” said Harry Bodhisartha, director of the Aurora Asia Pacific Development Center. "Many shows and dishes are dedicated to bringing you and your family wealth, success and blessings."

Lunar New Year

Each year an animal is assigned to the Chinese zodiac system and is repeated every 12 years. The tiger was last seen in 2010 and 1998. Cats are associated in Chinese mythology with courage and strength, positive qualities that are in high demand after the age of two.

The holiday includes family gatherings where large families come to see each other and have fun. Children traditionally receive red envelopes with money, symbolizing success and prosperity in the coming year. Many places also host fireworks displays or large parades. Many of these celebrations were canceled or reduced in early 2020 with the outbreak in China.

The loss of opportunities to express cultural pride is also acutely felt in America, where hate crimes against Asian Americans have become common during the pandemic, fueled in many cases by racist rhetoric about the origins of COVID-19. Bodhisidhartha said that as the epidemic subsides, it becomes more important to spend time with loved ones and be able to celebrate Asian heritage.

“This is a good way to show your pride and celebrate the good things in the culture,” she said.

The Bodhisatari family originated in Indonesia, where Lunar New Year was not celebrated because the government did not allow the country's ethnic Chinese population to celebrate the holiday or follow other Chinese traditions. Now that she loves spending time with her family, she said she looks forward to sharing holiday traditions with her two-year-old son when he grows up.

"Kids love the lucky red envelope because you get the money." He said.

lunar new year 2022

This week there are many opportunities to celebrate the New Year in Aurora. Sharetea Aurora, 2495 S. Havana St., will host a lion dance and fireworks show on Saturday, February 5 at 5:30 pm. They will also be introducing a new drink to mark the occasion and will be giving away gifts with every purchase while supplies last.

Sunday at 6:30 pm, Stanley Market at the Colorado Asian Heritage Center will feature lion dancing and drumming. The celebration will continue at the Asian restaurant Chi Lin, where red envelopes will be handed out.

Far East Downtown Denver will celebrate near Truong An Gifts at 333 S. Federal Blvd. Time: 11:00-16:00. On February 5 and 6, watch lion dances and martial arts.

If you can't make it to the party, you can always celebrate by having lunch or dinner at one of Aurora's many local Asian restaurants. Just be sure to go to a good hotel or you might not get lucky during the year.

What is Lunar New Year?

Lunar New Year is the beginning of the first day of the lunar calendar, in which the beginning of the months depends on the lunar months and often coincides with the new moon phase. People who base their dates on the lunar calendar celebrate the start of the Lunar New Year in several ways, including fireworks.


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